Akerler Tekstil established in 1977, owns a production facility installed on a 70.000 m2 space with 25.000 m2 enclosed area which commenced operations in 1996. The facility located in Çorlu produces a monthly average of 1.200.000 m scarf and women’s clothes fabric. With state of the art coloring and print machines besides silk, woven and knitted; polyamide, acrylic, viscose, cotton and polyester fabrics can go through every kind of coloring, printing and finishing processes at Aker production facility, annually producing an average of 1000 new patterns.

All the fabrics produced go through computer assisted quality control machines in line with textile quality norms and then are approved. After all the necessary tests are completed, and the trendy fabrics that are proven to have been produced pursuant to contemporary technologies, beginning with Turkey Aker presents them in summer and winter seasons to the consumers’ taste in many countries of the world. Aker is on a fast track to becoming a global textile brand.

Aiming to keep customer satisfaction on the highest level by producing quality fabrics, Aker places big importance on employee health protection and leaving a habitable environment to the future generations. In this context 6.000 tons of waste water is purified and recycled back to nature at modern treatment plants, and heat recovery systems both provide energy saving and do not pollute nature with hot gas and water.

The quality certifications of Aker: