Prosses Guide


You need to be a member to order from If you click on "MEMBERSHIP" button on the home page, you can login with your membership information or you can sign up with your Facebook account. For a new membership, click on the "SIGN UP" button and fill in the information on the left side of the page completely and press "SAVE" button.

Adding to the Cart (Selection of Goods and Services)

To reach the product you want on, you can search by typing keywords or you can browse product options by going to the related subcategory in main category. You can choose the color and / or size on the product page, you can add the product you have chosen to your shopping cart by pressing the "ADD TO CART" button.

You can see your cart by clicking the "MY CART" button on the top right of the page. You can delete or change the products in your cart. You can see the prices of all products including VAT in your cart.

Procurement (Entrance of Payment and Delivery Information)

Press the "BUY NOW" button after you have selected the products you are going to buy in your cart to go through the payment phase. Enter the address you want your order and billing to be sent to, or select one of your registered addresses.

Make your shipping choice and click on "CONTINUE".

On the Payment and Confirmation page, you can see the price of the product excluding VAT, VAT amount, Cargo price, and total amount. You can also review all the products in your order, billing and delivery addresses, if you need, you can change back to the steps via the top routing bar, or you can give up without buying.

You can pay by bank card, Cash on the Door, Bank Transfer or PayPal.

Select the method you want to pay, and if the site requires, enter your credit card details and click "CONFIRM ORDERS" after you have confirmed the Terms and Conditions form and the Distance Sales Agreement.

An order confirmation email and SMS will be sent to you once the purchase is completed. You will then be notified by e-mail as soon as the cargo is delivered.No address or product change can be made after the order is completed. If you want to change the address after completing your order, you will need to cancel your order and take a new action.

Delivery Information

After receipt of payment at, the store ships the product within the specified supply period and enters the shipping information into the system. Shipping information will be sent to your e-mail address. You can also track your product by clicking on"TRACKING NUMBER" on the MY ORDERS tab on My Account page or "Where is my Order" link on the bottom of the site or on the shipping company's website

Storing the Contractsı

Terms and Conditions form and the Distance Sales Agreement established online between Aker and the buyer for the product you are purchasing are delivered to you along with the order confirmation e-mail. These documents are also stored in records for six months. After the sale is completed, it will not be possible to reach a distance sale contract through our internet site.

Changing Order Information (Cancelling the Order)

You can follow the order status from “My Account” page; you can cancel your order before the cargo is delivered.

Privacy Rules

The privacy policy of is stated below, by visiting and you are deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions. owns all intellectual and industrial rights and all proprietary rights in the information, content, product arrangement and partial / complete use (except those belonging to a third party by a contract) of any information contained in our website. may request some personal information from you during or after membership; takes all precautions in order to protect and securely store the information that cannot be seen or accessed by other members during the membership or later processes. All the information pages are protected by SSL security certificate.

All online credit card transactions and approvals are performed independent from us, between the user and the organization in the online environment of the relevant Bank and similar Card Organizations. ensures all required payment standards by adapting to current security standards at all times.

The registered information may be disclosed to the relevant authorities within the scope of the responsibilities prescribed by the legal regulations. In addition, communication information (phone, address, e-mail etc.) and other personal information they have given during their memberships and / or purchases can be made, updated, made / sold by and its business partners and suppliers, product / service fee-wise collections and various promotions, advertisements, promotions, communications, sales and various applications, may be stored indefinitely at and specified entities and may be processed, shared, and used when or where necessary.

The terms of service and the distance sale agreement will be visible and valid during every shopping from can send emails, SMS and other methods of marketing and information messages to the segmented target groups for certain periods of time if the customer permits. If you do not want to receive these messages, you can click on the “unsubscribe” link and will not receive any such e-mails.

Alternatives to Dispute Resolution

The consumer may apply to the Consumer Arbitration Board or the Consumer Tribunal in case of a dispute related to the complaint. Monetary limits for consumer arbitration committees to be responsible and authorized to look at disputes;

a) The upper monetary limit for district consumer arbitration committees is 2.200 Turkish Liras,

b) The monetary limit for provincial consumer arbitration committees in the provinces in the metropolitan cities is between 2.200 Turkish Liras and 3.300 Turkish Liras,

c) The upper monetary limit for the provincial consumer arbitration committees in the centers of non-metropolitan cities is 3.300 Turkish Liras,

d) The monetary limit for the provincial consumer arbitration committees in provinces that are not in the metropolitan status is determined to be between 2.200 Turkish Liras and 3.300 Turkish Liras.

For disputes over these values, applications are made to consumer courts, not to consumer arbitration committees. The competent authority is the consumer arbitration committee and consumer courts where the consumer's residence is located or where the consumer transaction is made.

In case of dispute, you may also apply to all alternative dispute resolution methods accepted in your country such as arbitration and settlement. Alternative dispute resolution methods are known to be faster, more economical and more effective. Applying for these remedies will not remove your right to resort to legal remedies.

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