How can I order?

First you need to be an Aker member to be able to order. Add the product of your liking to your cart and then click "MY CART" at the right top of the page. After clicking "BUY" on the following page, you need to fill out the necessary information to complete the ordering process. After completing the ordering process we will send your order number and order details to your e-mail address.

Is the product I want to buy available in stock?

All products that are on sale on Aker are available in stock. Our system does not allow you to order products that are out of stock. All orders will be send out within 24 hours.

The product I want to buy is not available in the color/size that suits me. Will it be available in stocks again?

All products on aker.com.tr are continuously produced during the season. If the desired color/size is out of stocks it will be available after a while again. To be informed when a product becomes available again, you only need to click the "INFORM ME WHEN IT'S AVAILABLE" button on the product page, enter your membership details and add it to your "Follow List". When the product becomes available you will receive a notification e-mail.

*** We as Aker team, do our best to display the product colors as realistically as possible. But the color you see on the screen may differ from the original product due to the quality of your monitor.

Does the price of the products I bought include VAT?

All prices of products sold on Aker include VAT.

What is the delivery time?

We are sending out your purchase within 24 hours after the ordering process is completed. The delivery time may differ according to your country, city or district. Orders take approximately 3 days nationally and 1 week internationally to arrive.

My order was canceled because it wasn't approved by the bank, why?

If necessary the bank or the Aker Security Unit will try to contact the credit card owner via the phone number which is registered in the system. If the contact fails the order will be canceled in order to protect the credit card owner.

Information about the canceled order will be sent to the registered e-mail of the order owner.

In order to get an approval from the bank; your personal information in our and in the banks database need to be up to date.

If you use 3D secure to complete your ordering process, there will be no safety procedures and your order will be approved immediately.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a system that improves security when paying with credit or bank card during online shopping.
Another way to describe 3D Secure is to compare it with the chip&pin system which is used during face to face shopping.

The "safe online shopping" solution developed by Visa and MasterCard does not only protect the card owner but also the merchants against frauds.

Why is 3D Secure safe?

With 3D Secure the card owner will be asked by the bank for a payment password that is only accessible to him/her during the payment process and thus the identification of the owner is verified. This way unauthorized use of your credit card is blocked on the Internet.

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